About us

SPTRONICS has been innovator in the field of engine management and tuning tools since 2013, we started our business in Australia under the name of Spark-Tronics, then we moved to Egypt to reduce the production cost.

We manufacture electronics devices in high accuracy using only automotive grade high temperature components, In the same time we try to offer products that can fit any budget. 

So far we have only entry level engine management system SEM101 which based on Megasquirt MS2, Lambda controller, EGT amplifier, Peak and Hold driver, Ignition driver and Knocking detector.

All our products is equipped with CAN BUS connectivity, for faster and more accurate data communication between different modules.

In 2017 we look forward to releasing more automotive grade products, More advanced standalone engine management and Piggyback engine management will be available in this year.

Customized designs, features, enclosure and connectors are available. What would you like us to customize for you? Our sales department sales@sptronics.com will be happy to advise you on the available options and requirements.