Ignition driver amplifier 4 channels IDI401

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The IDI401 High Power Igniter is capable of driving up to 10 Amps per channel, allowing ignition coils to reach their maximum coil energy. It is an ideal upgrade for any transistor ignition system.When used in conjunction with our ECU, the IDI401 provides the perfect ignition system for any high performance engine.


  • – 4 channels inductive discharge ignition driver
  • – Logic level Input 5V or 12V
  • – Coil current limit internally set
  • – Primary coil voltage internally set
  • – Thermal shutdown
  • – 1 meter harness and connector included.
  • – Dimensions 46.2mm* 29.6mm * 40mm


  • – Operating voltage 8 to 16v
  • – Maximum output current is 10Amp
  • – Calmped output voltage at 380V
  • – Calmped energy at 275 mJ


Installation Manual.

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  1. Where is the wiring diagram for this unit? I am trying to wire it with the rest of my SPtronics units and there is no diagram available?

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