Standalone Engine Management SEM002 Based on MS3

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Standalone engine management system based on Megasquirt MS3 Processor and firmware with enhanced inputs and output ports. It has 2 channels injectors driver each can be connected to 4 injectors and 2 logic level or 12V ignition driver, capbale or driving up to 4 cylinders. Can be connected as fully standalone ECU or as piggyback and share the sensor reading with the stock ECU as it has differential trigger inputs. It has  5V ref voltage output, fuel pump relay driver,e reading. It also has dedicated inputs (Crank, CLT, IAT, MAP, TPS, O2) and dedicated outputs (2xinjectors, 2xignitions, fuel pump). 


  • 1x Deffrential Trigger input (Hall, VR and Opto).
  • 2x High impedance injectors output  2.5A each.
  • 2x Ignition output 1A max (5V or 12V)
  • 5x dedicated analog input, coolant temperature, Intake air temperature,  O2 sensor, Throttle position and MAP sensor.
  • Fuel pump output.
  • Fully compatible with MSextra Software
  • Fuel Table 16×16
  • Ignition Table 16×16
  • Connected to computer through USB.
  • Can be connected as standalone or piggyback
  • Dimensions  60mm x 60mm


Fuel table size 16×16
Fuel table resolution 0.1%
rpm resolution 1 rpm
Accel enrichment Simple (TPS,MAP), Enhanced (wall-wetting)
Spark table size 16×16
Advance resolution (commanded) 0.1 deg
Injector phasing Bank/batch fire,Semi sequential or 4cyl sequential
Injector timing Timed within crank pulses or timed for start, middle, end of injection pulse
Injector trim Mapped trim table per cylinder when running sequential.
Spark trim Not adjustable
Distributor spark Y
Trigger return dizzy Y
Simple wheel decoding Y
Every tooth wheel decoding Y*
Wasted spark Y
Coil on plug Y
Dual dizzy Y
Cam / 2nd tach input Y
Number of spark outputs 6
Rotary trailing Y
HEI7, GMDIS Y (with bypass control)
Oddfire wheel decoder Y
Oddfire dizzy Y
Neon/420A Y
36-1+1 Y
36-2-2-2 Y
Subaru 6/7 Y
IAW Weber-Marelli Y
Mitsubushi 6g72 Y
4/1 CAS Y
4G63 (Miata) Y
99-00 Miata Y
Renix 44-2-2 Y
Twin trigger (aka. dual spark) Y
Suzuki Swift Y
Suzuki Vitara Y (Untested!)
Daihatsu 3 cyl Y (Unproven)
Daihatsu 4cyl Y (Untested!)
Rover K Series 36-1-1 Y
Rover K Series 36-1-1-1-1 Y
Rover K Series 36-2-2 Y (Untested!)
Honda VTR1000 12-3 Y
Chrysler 2.2/2.5 Y
GM 7X native Y
Nissan 360 tooth CAS N/P>
Load methods SD, AN, map/baro (load%), ITB
Load blending Y
Load tables 2
Staged injection Y
Over-run fuel cut Y
Tachometer output Y
Launch Control/flat shift Y
Spark cut rev limit Y
Dwell duty% Y
Dwell battery correction table of %ages
Cranking pulsewidth table of %ages
Alternate cranking injection Y
Specific cranking advance, dwell Y
Fixed timing for setup Y
Test mode Pump, Inj, Coils, Idle
Closed loop idle control Y
Boost control Y (open or closed loop with PID control)
Nitrous control Y (2 stage)
Knock sensor (software) Y
Realtime barometric correction Y
Water Injection N
Table Switching Y
Configurable outputs Y
AFR target tables Y
Dual fuel tables (per bank) Y
Synchronous sensor sampling Y
Built in tooth/trigger loggers Y (tooth, trigger, composite, sync-errror)


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  1. Looking for a simple ecu that has the ability to fire 8 injectors at once or at least batch fire , the injectors will be mounted above the rotors on a 8-71 blower , I would like it to read a wide band and self tune to a point , once tuning is good I’ll run in open loop , 2 bar map should be enough , not worried about knock sensors or fan operation etc it’s in a boat

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